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How Can You Ruin your Credit Score?

How Can You Ruin your Credit Score?Buying an apartment or renting a house is one of the most important financial decisions affecting the quality of your life. You are going to live in that place and make memories with your family in that abode. However there are certain factors that affect the decision to buy or rent the house, your credit score is of utmost importance of all the factors.

What is the Best time to sell your Home?

What is the Best time to sell your Home?

You may want to sell your home right away but there are various factors involved in selling your house. You must take note of the seasonal fluctuations if you want to encash maximum rates. Be ready to hire a good real estate agent, research the local markets and revamp and clean the house after getting minor repairs done. Lastly capture the last moments as you wait for the best offers to roll in.

5 Things to Do Before Buying a House

Buying a house is a long-term decision. It goes beyond mere financial investment as this is the place where you live, make memories and raise your children. This is a decision that affects more than 40% of wealth and 60% of your quality of life. You buy a house to live there for a long time, unless your job requires a frequent change.

3 Easy Steps for Finding and Buying Your Next Home in Canada

Buying and finding a home is a bit complicated process. Complicated, not because it requires cherry-picking but because you need to assure several other elements as well! These elements must go hand-in-hand to crack the best deal.

5 Myths About Renting

5 Myths about Renting

When planning to move into a new house, you are caught in the war between renting a house vs. buying a house. You may not have adequate finances that support the mortgages and you may have a plan to move out soon because of an impending change in job. But renting a house or condo has certain strings attached in everyone’s mind. You may have heard so many negative connotations attached to taking a house on rent that you almost have a lump in the throat.

Are there any Hidden Costs in Buying a Home?

Buying a Home

Homeownership or buying a house is so much pride! You have always dreamt of it and now that you figure out that mortgage is turning much cheaper than rent, it quite makes sense to buy your dream house. You are simply in awe of the neighborhood, the school nearby and the location of the house at a ‘must-not-leave’ price!

What are the Trending Features Millennials look for in a New Home?

What are the Trending Features Millennialslook for in a New Home?

The tech-savvy, smart generation of millennials contributes to more than 40% of the housing markets according to NAR 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report. That’s certainly a whopping amount and has influenced the trends in the housing market in an influential way.

How to Effectively Analyze a Real Investment Opportunity?

How to Effectively Analyze a Real Investment Opportunity?

A long term decision which can consume your finances, time and physical as well as mental efforts over a long period of time is a real estate investment opportunity.You cannot just buy/sell a property as your money and efforts can be at stake if the decision goes wrong. Make your investment wisely after analyzing pros and cons of all the investment opportunities carefully.

5 Things to do to keep your Home Safe while it is on Sale

5 Things to do to keep your Home Safe while it is on Sale

At the end of the day, the goals are simple- Safety and Security’, says Jodi Rell(former Governor of Connecticut) and so does believe Pranav Puri, top real estate agent in Brampton. Buying or selling houses or even dealing with different people while on the deal can be exhausting and harassing if you are not well prepared.

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